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Doctor doing Lab Work

HRMC’s laboratory invested more than $750,000 in advanced equipment to receive better information about diseases, infections, and pathogens.

The Versa TREK will be staffed 24/7 to immediately detect blood stream infections, working alongside the Biofire molecular identification panel to spot blood stream infections, meningitis, and respiratory pathogens in hours instead of the much longer time required under previous testing methods. This quicker diagnostic capability allows physicians to launch appropriate treatment faster.

The VITEK 2 is a next-generation microbial identification system. This innovative technology allows for higher automation, which increases safety and efficiency, as well as an expanded database to quickly and accurately detect micro-organisms, in turn reducing the time between testing and treatment.

Laboratory resources will see dramatically increased efficiency thanks to the Aptio Automation system. The Aptio system combines workflow expertise with intelligent technology that streamlines the chemistry testing process, while providing rapid reporting of test results to clinicians. Aptio Automation is adaptable to changing needs, and will allow HRMC to conduct testing 24/7.

Also expanding the HRMC laboratory capacity is the ADVIA Centaur XP Immunoassay System – which can process up to 240 tests per hour, even providing same-day results of highly specialized chemistry analysis that previously had to be sent to a reference laboratory.

The ADVIA Centaur XP can conduct chemical analysis helpful across many medical specialties, including autoimmune disorders, diabetes, cardiac health, allergies, oncology, and metabolic and thyroid health.

The ADVIA system integrates with the Aptio Automation system to create a seamless network of industry-leading technology that produces better results in less time – ensuring that clinicians have the information they need to quickly prescribe the best treatment for their patients.