Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Inspiring Hope and Healing

A cancer diagnosis is never welcome, but knowing that expert, comprehensive care is nearby can offer great comfort and hope. At Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, you’ll discover an exceptional treatment experience. Our team of cancer-care professionals provides more than expert knowledge — we promise to inspire hope through the care we give and the trust we build, which are both critical elements of the healing process.

Expanding Our Expert Cancer Care

In visiting with your primary physician, we invite you to ask about receiving treatment close to home. Our team of radiologists, oncologists, technicians, and nurses are here to help you fight for and win back your health. And, even as we continue to provide a wide range of services, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center is in the midst of expanding its services and adding depth to our current team of care providers.

Cancer Treatment and Services

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center offers two areas of specialty cancer care, the Hematology Oncology Unit and the Chalmers Cancer Center, delivering the appropriate treatments to patients based on individual care needs.

Hutchinson Hematology & Oncology

This is the primary cancer treatment area at the hospital, responsible for diagnosing and treating a wide range of cancers through surgery and medicine (including chemotherapy). Discover the wide range of treatments and services available right here, close to home.

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Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Chalmers Cancer Treatment Center Sign

Chalmers Cancer Center

This area of the hospital is dedicated to radiation therapy to treat various conditions, including cancer. Several types of advanced, high-energy radiation are available.

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