Not OK – Zero Tolerance

Not OK – Zero Tolerance

Promoting Safety and Respect

At Hutch Regional Medical Systems, we are dedicated to providing a safe, caring, and secure environment for everyone who walks through our doors. We believe that all patients and staff deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. As part of our commitment to maintaining a positive atmosphere, we have zero tolerance for aggressive and disruptive behavior. 

Please join us in upholding these principles by refraining from engaging in any of the following actions:

Verbal harassment: Avoid using offensive or abusive language towards others.

Bullying: Treat others with kindness and empathy, rejecting any form of intimidation or coercion.

Physical assault: Do not engage in any form of physical violence or aggression.

Foul language: Use appropriate and respectful language in all interactions.

Inappropriate touching: Respect personal boundaries and refrain from any unwelcome physical contact.

Treats or intimidation: Refrain from making threats or engaging in behavior that creates fear or distress.

Sexually explicit comments or suggestions: Avoid making any comments or suggestions of a sexual nature.

Interfering with staff providing care: Allow our dedicated staff to provide care without interruption or interference.

Unauthorized video or audio recording of patients or staff: Respect the privacy and confidentiality of others.

Destruction or damage to property: Treat hospital property and belongings with care and respect.

Possession of weapons of any kind: Ensure a safe environment by refraining from bringing weapons onto the premises

For any questions or to report an incident, please call us at 620-513-3866.

Concerns or violations can also be reported without giving us your name by calling our Compliance Hotline at 855-998-9907 or 800-216-1288 (for Espanol).

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