Hospitalist Care

Hospitalist Care

In-Patient Care Experts

When you or a loved one is admitted to Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, you can expect to meet and interact with several types of caregivers, including nurses, nursing assistants, aides, and the physicians practicing in your area of treatment. You will also benefit from the services of a hospitalist — a physician whose practice is dedicated entirely to treating patients who are in the hospital.

Specialists in Complex Care

Hospitalists are most often internal medicine physicians who have received the same rigorous training as other physicians, including medical school, residency, training, and board certification. Some hospitalist physicians are medical subspecialists who opt to do hospitalist work, such as intensive care unit physicians, lung doctors (pulmonologists), or kidney doctors (nephrologists).

Understanding the Needs of Hospitalized Patients

A hospitalist and their team offer expertise in caring for hospitalized patients. Because they work exclusively within the hospital, they are readily available to handle emergency situations, meet with you and your family members, quickly follow up on test results, answer nurse’s questions, and respond to changes in a patient’s condition. Your hospitalist will not only help coordinate care during your time with us, but also coordinate with your primary care physician. All of your hospital records are provided to your primary care physician following your stay.

A National Standard of Care

Across the nation and in hospitals of all sizes and types it is common for hospitalists to provide care for hospitalized patients. At Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, we partner with Sound Physicians, a national hospitalist provider that serves more than 1,100 hospitals nationwide. The hospitalists at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center are an integral part of delivering our high level of care, helping to make recommendations on improving patient safety, reducing errors, and enabling greater communication between physicians and staff members.

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