Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Review lab results, financials, & more

Our patient portal is an easy-to-use online tool that helps you manage your health by giving you access to lab results, appointment information, current medications, and more from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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Additional Uses of Technology to Improve Healthcare

To communicate important information about your healthcare to other care members outside of Hutchinson Regional, we use Health Information Exchanges (HIE). HIEs allow healthcare providers to quickly and securely share your health information electronically among a network of healthcare providers, including physician, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies. Your health information is transmitted securely and only authorized healthcare providers with a valid reason may access your information.

How Does HIE Help You?

Improving the access to information helps our providers and those within your care teams to provide better care.

  • Improved Care – Access to information about your health history and medical care gives your healthcare provider a more complete picture of your overall health. This can help your provider make better decisions about your care. The information may also prevent you from having repeat tests, saving you time, money and worry.
  • Emergency Treatment – In an emergency, your providers may immediately check to see if you have allergies, health problems, test results, medications or previous concerns that may help them provide you with emergency care.
  • Helps to Protect Privacy and Information Security – By sharing information electronically through a secure system, the risk that your paper or faxed records will be misused or misplaced is reduced.

Hutchinson Regional participates in the following HIEs: CommonWell and KHIN. Hutchinson Regional recognizes that you have certain rights on how we share your information. You have the following choices:

  1. Say YES. Nothing further is needed. Upon registration of your visit, you will be asked to sign up for the patient portal as well as being placed in our HIE.
  2. Say No. Kansas is an opt-out state, meaning you have the right to opt out of having your information being shared amongst your healthcare team outside of Hutchinson Regional through the HIEs. Your healthcare teams will still be able to request information from other providers using other methods as permitted by law.
  3. You may change your mind at ANY time. During any stay or visit to Hutchinson Regional you may change your mind to have your information shared through an HIE. Please see a member of the Registration Staff to verify your information and opt in.

How Do I Opt Out of the HIEs?

Opting out and choosing not to share your information with the HIEs that Hutchinson Regional Medical Center participates with can be done in two steps.

  1. Inform the Registration Staff at the time of intake and when asked that you do not want to participate. Staff have the ability to ensure that your information does not go to CommonWell.
  2. For information going to KHIN, patients must reach out to KanHIT by going to:

Options to opt out electronically or by mail are available.

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