National Healthcare Quality Week

National Healthcare Quality Week

When you or your family needs medical care, you want to trust the care you receive will be safe and effective.

At Hutchison Regional Healthcare System, we want our patients and their families to know that we strive to deliver the highest, national standard of care and that our staff is dedicated to making healthcare a better system for everyone.

This week, we’re celebrating the positive impact that quality healthcare professionals have made not just in our organization, but in our community and our lives.

What Healthcare Quality Means to Us

Megan Rucker

“Healthcare quality is high-quality care focused on safe, effective, patient-centered, and timely care.  It means doing the right thing in the right way at the right time and consistently focusing on safe interactions for patients and families.”

Megan Rucker, Ms.Ed, LRT(R)(M)(CT), FKSRT
Process Improvement/Lean Six Sigma Advisor

Jean Gettle

“Healthcare quality means taking consistent care of our patients so they can have the best possible outcomes. Following and monitoring quality measures ensures that those taking care of the patients know the exact steps they need to follow to meet those quality standards so that every patient receives the same care every time.”

Jean Gettle, RN
Data Abstractor & Analyst

benjamin anderson president and CEO

“As a health service industry, quality is striving to deliver the highest value healthcare to all, just like we would to a member of our own family. Friendly, efficient, patient-centered care, of the highest quality, that ensures the best health outcomes possible.”

Nick Baldetti, D.B.A., M.B.A., M.S., HACP 
Chief Quality Officer

Kyle Williams

“Healthcare quality to me means providing our very best for our patients each and every day. It means continued growth with the ability to provide a little better care today than our best yielded yesterday. It means facilitating every person’s ability to impact positive change in their area. It means staying current on best practices and guidelines. It is a commitment lived every day.”

Kyle Williams, RN
Provider Quality Coordinator

Kimberly Jarrel

“Standardizing care practices to decrease variation and produce predictable high-quality outcomes.”

Kimberly Jarrell, MS, BSN, RN, HACP, CPHQ
Director of Quality/Patient Experience

Mary Joyce

“As a member of the Healthcare Quality Team, I gather data based on guidelines from Medicare and other agencies to help our hospital identify targeted areas to focus on improvements to better serve our patients and our community. “

Mary Joyce, BSN, RN, CPHQ
Clinical Review Analyst

Julie Wiens

“To me, healthcare quality means providing evidence-based care while doing the right thing for every patient, every time. Practicing in this manner reduces the possibility of patient harm. It also ensures that we will meet our quality measures, which are an assessment of our care.”

Julie Wiens, RN, MSN, WCC
Primary Stroke Certification Coordinator

Lori Pauls

“Quality, at its very root, is doing the right thing for our patients, every encounter, every day.”

Lori Pauls, BSN, RN, HACP 
Regulatory and Accreditation Compliance Manager

Megan Beck

“I believe that healthcare quality is the driving force to improve patient care on both large scales and an individual basis. Analyzing quality data provides organizations the ability to not only make changes to direct patient care, but to see where they are excelling and where they have gaps. This ultimately directs the bedside staff in the way they execute their processes and procedures, which impacts every patient that enters the facility. That bigger picture is the reason I was drawn to a career in healthcare quality, and what makes me love this side of nursing.”

Megan Beck, BSN, RN
Clinical Quality Coordinator

Awards and Certifications received by Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System (HRHS)

At Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System (HRHS), we strive to serve our community through integrated healthcare. We’re honored to be recognized for outstanding service and innovation by our industry’s premier healthcare organizations, including The American Heart Association, The Centers for Disease Control, and more, below.HRHS has received six Gold Seal of Approval accreditations from the Joint Commission. The Gold Seal of Approval is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective care.

Our Most Recent Quality Awards


The American Heart Association awarded HRMC the Mission: Lifeline STEMI Receiving Center Gold award for implementation of quality treatment, care coordination for heart attack patients.

Stroke Gold Plus award 2022

HRMC has been recognized by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association for our accomplishment in the Get with The Guidelines quality program.

American Heart Association Mission Lifeline Receiving Gold Plus Award

The American Heart Association named Reno County EMS, recipient of the Lifeline EMS Gold Award for implementing quality improvement measures for care and treatment of heart attack patients.

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