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A Night in the ED: Jessika Board’s Story of Compassion and Resilience

Charge nurse Jessika Board demonstrated exceptional dedication when she intervened with a violent patient in the ED, showcasing her commitment to patient care and safety. Jessika handles unpredictable situations with empathy and understanding, especially with mental health patients. Her resilience is fueled by supportive coworkers and grateful patients. At Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System, we are proud of Jessika’s unwavering dedication and compassion.

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Celebrating Duane Anstine’s 25 Years of Volunteer Service

Join us in celebrating Duane Anstine’s incredible 25-year journey of volunteer service at Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System. From assisting wheelchair-bound patients to offering comfort in the ICU waiting room, Duane’s dedication and kindness have touched countless lives. As he retires from volunteering on his 90th birthday, we honor his unwavering commitment and the lasting impact he’s made on our community. Read on to discover his inspiring story.

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