What To Do In A Crisis

What To Do In A Crisis

Facing Crisis Together

HMHC provides crisis services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. By phone and in-person, CMS’ professional team embraces the core values of Horizons, including compassion, confidentiality, and wellness.

Telephone crisis coun­seling is free of charge, and services are available around the clock. Meeting with a counselor, either through the computer, or face to face, is fee-based, depending on family size and income.

Some problems can’t wait, and our CMS is here 24 hours a day. A trained counselor will help you resolve your immediate crisis on the telephone, giving you the support you need now. Crisis Line: 800-794-0163

Call the Crisis Line if…

  • You are thinking about hurting yourself or someone else.
  • You are under stressful circumstances and a telephone conversation with a mental health professional might help you find appropriate services for follow-up.
  • A brief, supportive telephone conversation could assist with coping or problem-solving.

When to Come in for Care

If you think you may be in an emergency/life threatening situation (including having suicidal feelings), speak to a counselor in person through Access to Care. 

We also offer walk-in service, in which we prioritize crisis situations.

If your problem feels urgent, but is not an emergency, an appointment will be made for a follow-up visit the next day at Horizons, typically at the Hutchinson office. In rural areas, a therapist may meet with you using computer technology, allowing face-to-face interaction via computer and web-cam.

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