School Based Services

School Based Services

Delivering Mental Wellness to Kids in Schools

Horizons partners with our local school districts by providing mental health services that are essential to a growing number of students. 

Targeting kids at school expands access to many kids and adolescents,  regardless of geography or income. Additional benefits of school-based mental health services include:

  • Decreased delay in identifying the need and receiving treatment for mental health services
  • Students are ultimately able to miss less class time
  • More staff awareness regarding crisis, and more immediate staff response in times of crisis
  • Increased communication between Horizons staff, school staff, and parents
  • Increased support for school staff

Mental Health Services for Students

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Case management
  • Crisis management
  • Crisis case management
  • Attendant care
  • Individual Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (IPRS)
  • Psychosocial group

Referral is Easy

  • Come in to Horizons during our Access to Care walk-in intake times and talk to the intake therapist. 
  • The school principal can refer your child to services.

Schools Currently Receiving Services

  • USD 254/Medicine Lodge
  • USD 255/South Barber
  • USD 308/Hutchinson 
  • USD 309/Nickerson
  • USD 310/Fairfield
  • USD 311/Pretty Prairie
  • USD 312/Haven
  • USD 313/Buhler
  • USD 331/Kingman-Norwich
  • USD 332/Cunningham
  • USD 361/Chaparral
  • USD 382/Pratt
  • USD 438/Pratt Skyline
  • USD 511/Attica
  • Trinity Catholic Church/Hutchinson
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