Clinical Integrated Services

Clinical Integrated Services

Brief, Targeted, Real-Time Interventions

Behavioral Health Consultants are embedded, full-time members of the medical primary care team. They provide brief, targeted, real-time interventions to address the psychosocial aspects of primary health care.

How does this service work?

Primary care providers determine that psychosocial factors may be causing the patient’s presenting complaints or are adversely impacting response to treatment. During the patient’s visit, the primary care provider sets up a meeting with the Behavioral Health Consultant for assessment and intervention, if needed. If it is decided medication is needed, a Psychiatrist is then contacted for a consultation.


  • Improved access to mental and behavioral health services through rapid access
  • Internal resource for primary care providers
  • Improved recognition of behavioral health needs in primary care settings
  • Improved collaborative care and management
  • Prevention of more serious mental disorders through early recognition and intervention
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Access to mental and behavioral health services to a larger population of those in need of service

Horizons currently provides Behavioral Health Consultations at The Hutchinson Clinic.

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