Support Groups

Support Groups

Find Community Comfort in Grief

No one should have to face grief alone, and our weekly support groups provide a safe gathering place for members of our community who share the common bond of loss. 

When you’re ready to explore grief through interaction and reflection – or you simply want to surround yourself with empathetic people – join us, no reservation required.

Grief Support Groups in Person and Via Zoom

Grief support group will meet every Monday at 1pm at our office and via Zoom. These will be hosted in the Community Room at Doctor’s Park South, 2020 N. Waldron.

For those who are more comfortable staying at home, Zoom video conferencing is available.  

Recurring weekly Monday 



Zoom Instructions 

Prior to the Zoom Conference
1. If you choose to use your computer for Zoom it will be faster to enter the conference if
you sign-up for Zoom prior to the meeting. Go to and follow
the prompts to sign-up and download.
2. You will be given the opportunity to test your audio, click Text Speaker and Microphone.
Next, click Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting. Once you
have completed these steps you can end your test meeting by selecting end meeting or
logging out and closing window.
3. If you choose to use your phone, download the Zoom app prior to your meeting.

To Join a Zoom Conference

1. Login to your zoom account on your computer or phone app

2. Enter your meeting ID and password when you are prompted to do so. 

Meeting ID: 856 5304 7311                      Password: 197873 

3. Click to join the audio/video conference. 

 Phone In: 312-626-6799

Zoom Controls

Using the icons along the bottom of the screen you can:

  • Mute/Unmute your microphone – it is standard protocol to mute your microphone to limit background noises.
  • You can un-mute your device when you have something to share.
  • Click on the start video button to turn on the camera on your device.
  • Now, you are ready to ZOOM!

**Contact Chaplain Cindy Dubovich if you would like to do a trial run or have any questions.

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