Medication Management

Medication Management

Fool-Proof Your Medications

Timing, dosing, tracking, and simply remembering medication can cause chaos and confusion, or worse, danger. 

Whether you’re a patient taking medications, or you’re a caregiver administering them, MedMinder™ can make medication easier to manage. 

MedMinder is a user-friendly, safe, convenient, personalized, and automated solution that organizes, reminds, and dispenses medications. 

MedMinder supports independent living by improving adherence and reducing the risk of misuse and dosing errors. It’s personalized to remind the user to take medications at the correct time and only allows the medication compartments to be opened at the designated time. 

Benefits for Patients

  • Safe, convenient way to manage medications
  • Enhances self-care and medication administration
  • Reduces risk of dosing errors
  • Promotes adherence to treatment regimens

Benefits for Providers & Caregivers

  • Reduces frequency of visits to refill and potential error of traditional pill boxes
  • Provides immediate alerts of missed doses in multiple message formats
  • Remote programming and web management tools make for easy programming, reloading, and resetting.
  • Event reporting and notifications are available to enhance compliance goals and better manage prescription activities

For more information about our Medication Management units, please call 620-665-2473.​

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