Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Assisting patients remotely while still providing quality care

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) could not have come at a better time. The COVID-19 Pandemic and stay-at-home orders have caused healthcare providers to seek ways to assist patients remotely while still providing quality care. Our Health Technology Program, RPM, enables us to do that. We are able to use the RPM program in conjunction with our Home Health services.  

What are the benefits of remote patient monitoring (RPM)?

  • Along with an oximeter, we can provide a blood pressure cuff, scale and glucometer. 
  • Video chat with patients is easily done through our Tablet version or an Emergency Response button through the Hub set up. 
  • These monitoring systems are great for most chronic illnesses. 
  • We are utilizing these units with our Home Health patients so our nurses have quick access to data to treat symptoms more quickly, reduce unnecessary hospitalization and increase quality of life of our patients. 
  • There is NO cost to the patient because RPM is billable through most insurances. 

For patients, the primary benefits of RPM include:

  • Easier access to healthcare
  • Peace of mind and daily assurance (for families too)
  • Improved support, education and feedback

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