Remember Me Tree Donors

Remember Me Tree Donors

Thank you to our 2022 Donors

Memories are precious to you and me! We keep photos, old letters and tell stories to remind us of loved ones and the impact they have had in our lives. We want to thank you for supporting the mission of Hospice & HomeCare of Reno County and ask for your continued support by making a gift to the Remember Me Tree! Our annual Remember Me Tree campaign will be November 28th through December 31st. Our tree will be on display at Dillons Marketplace, Hutchinson at the First National Bank entrance. The Remember Me Tree is a nice way to give a special gift in memory of a loved one, or in honor of someone who has made a special impact in your life. We will list each memorial and in honor of here on this page. Your donation helps provide compassionate, end-of-life care to our patients and their families. With the many challenges we are facing in healthcare and reimbursements, your generosity is vital to our existence. As a not-for-profit organization, all proceeds we receive are used to assist us in our mission to serve.

Thank you for your support. On behalf of our entire agency, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Jana McClarty, In Memory of Leroy Pickard

Patrick McMahon, In Memory of Ellen JoAnn Callahon & Marcella McMahon

Kevin & Brenda Emmerich, In Memory of Harold Cheatum

Myron Marcotte, In Memory of Leland & Agnes Marie Marcotte, and Charles & Ava Scates

Ronald & Marcy Lang, In Memory of Mary Lou Brazeal

Larry & Janice Marcum, In Memory of Sherman Redenbaugh, Arlan Redenbaugh & Sherry Smith

Mark & Abby Reed, In Memory of Ediger & Givens

Matthew & Mary Seitz, In Memory of Vivian Krone

Linda McQuilliam, In Memory of David McQuilliam, Jack Dale, Dorothy McQuilliam, Vivian Phelps

Harold Henry, In Memory of Shirley A. Henry

Carla Bickel, In Memory of Vivian & Jerry Weigel

Phillip Glass, In Memory of James F. Glass

William & Margaret Bergkamp

Charles & Patsy Studt, In Memory of Wayne Unruh

Charles & Patsy Studt, In Memory of Bart Zody

Jane Angell, In Memory of Kenneth Angell

Rochelle Harmony, In Memory of Frank Patton Jr.

Kelly & Ricky Sprague, In Memory of  Judy Smith

Steve & Jackie Wilcox, In Memory of Nina Wilcox

Bev Exposito, In Memory of Chee Smith

Juli Osborn, In Memory of Dee & Freddie Axelson

Joyce Siebuhr, In Memory of B.E. Siebuhr

Ray Showalter, In Memory of Sheri Showalter

Deanna Mace, In Memory of Jack Mace

Dorothy Geier, In Memory of Godfrey Raymond

Shirley Alpers, In Memory of Whitney Alpers

Gene & Arlene Becker, In Memory of Alvin & Neva Shcroeder, and Jack & Mary Becker

Mark & Diane Krone, In Memory of Mary Ann Krone

Julie Grieman, In Memory of Earl Ditgen

Donna Cokeley, In Memory of Linda Lancaster

Deanne Bush, Bryan & Mary Lou Bush

William & Marilyn Boldenow, In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. William Boldenow, and Mr. & Mrs. Walter Miller

L.W. & Carolyn Parson, In Memory of Nathan

Doug McEntarfer, In Memory of Lamoine McEntarfer

Jim & Karen Swank, In Memory of James M. & Helen L. Swank

Darryl Serpan, In Memory of Melissa Herbel

Jack & Donna Wortman

Evelyn Dye, In Memory of Homer Dye

Shirley Robinson, In Memory of Luther S. Robinson

Sheri Barr, In Memory of George Friesen

Kenneth & Mary Jane Henderson, In Memory of all of our loved ones who have gone before us.

Alan Riedel, In Memory of Clarence Riedel

Imogene Trammell, In Memory of Everett Trammell

Judy Jones, In Memory of Robert Jones

Ann Bush, In Memory of John Stephens & Robert Bush

Joe & Linda Corwin, In Memory of Warren Klusener & Ray Corwin, In Honor of Sylvia Klusener & Mary Ann Corwin

Mike & Diane Kelsey, In Memory of ARmella Pohl & Lloyd Kelsey

David & Loretta Petersheim, In Memory of Jonas J. & Alma Bontrager

Marie Thode

Mrs. Harley Beachy, In Memory of Harley S. Beachy

Allen & Ila Stone, In Memory of Bruce M. Umberger, Orpha M. Umberger, Gordon E. Stone, MD & Evelyn R. Stone

Karen Burgess, In Memory of Dudley Burgess

Mike Belcher, In Memory of Debra Lynn Belcher

Jan Dick, In Memory of Mr. Erwin Choitz

Cindy Andsager, In Memory of Wallan & Gwen Andsager

Gary & Linda Banz, In Memory of Gerald & Mary Margaret Banz

Karen Nichols, In Memory of Doug Nichols

Doug & Rebecca Christman, In Memory of Virginia Roman

Allen & Kriss Fee, In Memory of Jim Fee

Lois Muller, In Memory of Martha Towns

Hazel D Prideaux & Families, In Memory of Charles Duane Prideaux

Dee Base, In Memory of Stacy Base

Mary Ellen Jantz, In Memory of Ben & Margaret Jantz

Terri Noll, In Memory of Brad Noll

John & Susan Blocker, In Memory of Sharon Deming

Bill & Angie Wiese

Galen & Marlena Redenbaugh, In Memory of Arlan Redenbaugh

Albert Tolbert, In Memory of Navolia A Tolbert

Conard Otter, In Memory of Kevin Otter & Charlotte Otter

LaTreca Harris, In Memory of R. Kent Harris

Mary Lou Neher

Todd & Dawn Lafferty, In Memory of Sharon Lafferty

Dick & Jan Giesel, In Memory of Gus Meschke & Pearl Gisel

Mavis Reed-Butters, In Memory of Lori Renee Colley

Doug & Lynn Wright

Donna Teter, In Memory of Gerald Teter

Ronald & Jan Long, In Memory of Don & Mary Ann Mitchell

Alice Arnold, In Memory of Loren Arnold

Carol Carson, In Memory of Jeanne Carson

George & Beverly Fast, In Memory of Bud & Betty Larsen

Dee Ann McGuire, In Memory of Tom McGuire

Conrad & Teresa Escareno, In Memory of Cynthia A Houston

Susan Hay, In Memory of Robert & Eileen Schmitt and Danny Schmitt

Bruce & Kathleen Trapp, In Memory of Lloyd McQuilliam & Sharon Trapp

Donald Goodfellow, In Memory of Eula Mae Goodfellow

Kevin & Angel Faucett

Sandra Poplin, In Memory of Larry Poplin

James O’Neal, In Memory of Doris O’Neal

Dennis & Sandy Carlton, In Memory of Bryan David Carlton

Randal & Kay Hoskinson, In Memory of Peggy Strickler & Mason Hoskinson

James & Susan Hubbard, In Memory of In Honor of Jann Fairbanks & Rita Rivard-Carson

Susan Whitacre, In Memory of Connie Shea, Esther Shea, & Larry Shea

Jackie Suiter, In Memory of Kyoung Alonzo

Brad & Angie Nachtigal, In Memory of Roy W. Nachtigal

Gary & Nancy Witham, In Memory of Carl & Wilma Witham

Helen McKenzie, In Memory of Billy D Johnson & Larry L McKenzie

Norma Brawner, In Memory of Delmar Brawner

Carl & Jean Sidebottom, In Memory of Virgil Sidebottom

Loren Toland, In Memory of Lila Toland

Alan & Karon Rohr-Stites, In Memory of Brienne Lord Rohr, Lavern F Rohr & Melvin Howell

Cheryl Smith, In Memory of Helen M Smith

Wendell & Sue Bates, In Memory of RAy & Neta Teufel

Janet Ellis


Barbara Neufeld, In Memory of Eleanor Neufeld

Frank & Gerry Brunton, In Memory of Goldie Kolb

Doris VanderGiesen, In Memory of Dan & Lucile VanderGiesen

Nancy Neelly

Tamara & Teresa Totland, In Memory of Leona & Jack Totland, Helen & Leonard Schmidt, Herman & Gladys Totland

Barbara Morti, In Memory of Eldon Morti

Ronnie Hites, In Memory of Donna Jo Hites

Tom & Pat Schur, In Memory of John Urban

Brian & Leann Robertson, In Memory of Stanely Mitchum, Larry Brooks, In Honor of Ed Robertson

Judy Beal, In Memory of Harlan Beal

Jerry & Guy Anne Hawver, In Memory of Graydon & Mignon Scott

Gene Haas, In Memory of the Gene Haas Family

Don & Mary Troyer, In Memory of Perry A Troyer

Michael & Catherine Sotomayor, In Memory of Juanita A Mahoney

Deborah Lane, In Memory of Vivian Phelps

Steven & June Stoecklein, In Memory of Wayne Leikam Sr

Lois Schlickau, In Memory of George Schlickau

Ray & Arlene Willems, In Memory of Esther Willems

Don & Dixie Lundquist, In Memory of Donald J Lundquist

Dr. Richard Johnson, In Memory of H. Joan Johnson

Karen LeBlanc, In Memory of Don LeBlanc

CB Showalter, In Memory of Joan Kay Showalter

Lorene Hysell, In Memory of Hanna Stark

Mark & Danette Hukills, In Memory of Norma Hukills

Nora Mikels, In Memory of Bill Mikels

Lyle & Brenda Smart, In Memory of Roberta Ahrens

Phyllis Howard, In Memory of Connie Jo Essles

Carole Bengston, In Memory of Virgul Bengston

Jon & Penny Lesley, In Memory of Richard N Adkinson

Ivan & Bonnie Husa, In Memory of Virginia Rush

Cliff & Vicki Shank, In Memory of Sadene Shank, Lois & Earl Gritton

Keff & Lisa Stringer, In Memory of Cherol Schoon

Steve & Myra Lee

Jean Gassert, In Memory of Alfred, Darlene & Cathy Gassert

James & Leila Emack

Larry & Cheryl White, In Memory of Marian McGonigle

Mike & Barb McGowan, In Memory of Elsie Graber & Jan Thomas

Harold & Jan Mauck, In Memory of George & Edna Plett

Sidney Shelman, In Memory of Calvin Singleton

Debra McLendon, In Memory of Henry Starks & John Haugsness

Judith Murphy, In Memory of John E Murphy

Don & Sandy Erickson, In Memory of Stanley Hoefer

Ralph & Debra Hackler, In Memory of Harold Bybee, Cynthia Bybee & Merrill Dudnry

Royce McMurray, In Memory of Bonnie McMurray

John & Vicki Haines, In Memory of Virginia Haines

Jeanne Goodman, In Memory of Jennifer Goodman

Arlie Pinkston, In Memory of Steve Owens

Tim & Susan Webb

Penny Kennard Stephens, In Memory of Judy Astle McCool

Keri Thiessen, In Memory of Sophie & Allen Thiessen

Kevin McClure, In Memory of Dwayne Edwards

Brooks & Polly Thompson, In Memory of James Floyd

Gail & Lois Wiens, In Memory of Ben L Thiessen

Nancy Wright, In Memory of Dale Sheldon

Martha Chalfant, In Memory of William Chalfant

Martha Brost, In Memory of Jane Clark K Zabel

Paul & Valerie Besperat, In Memory of Virgie Goerl

Craig & Brenda Sooter, In Memory of Michael Bauman

Ken & Michelle Cotton, In Honor of Tara Dahlstrom

Linda Kraus, In Memory of Vernon Kraus, Jr

Rosemary Boyd, In Memory of Edwin W Boyd

Francis Habiger, In Memory of Nancy Habiger

Patricia Thayer, In Memory of Ed Thayer

Darren & Doris Crossley, In Memory of Flossie Schoming

Gaylon & Brenda Miller

Vernon Stallman, In Memory of Karla Stallman

Waldon & Arlene Ratzlaff, In Memory of Joyce Johnson

Luella Ramsey, In Memory of Ralph Ramsey

Chris & Rhonda Wilson, In Memory of Bett Ann Wilson & Cecil Wilson

David & Brenda Marshall, In Memory of Dwain & Phyliss Gill

Fred & Kay Howie, In Memory of Aletha Kingdon

David Robertson, In Memory of Resa Robertson

Wilma Hilton, In Memory of Dale E Hilton

Marsha Fenwick, In Memory of Pete & Ruby Becker, Earl A Fenwick

Esther Schrag, In Memory of Jake Schrag

Jon Potter, In Memory of Kay Miller, Shirl Potter & Jan Potter

Michael & Vicki McClure, In Memory of Ruth & Maion Baker, Eileen McClure

Louise Kearney, In Memory of Thomas M Kearney

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