Remember Me Tree Donors

Remember Me Tree Donors

Thank you to our 2021 Donors

The past 20 months have been difficult. As a non-profit healthcare provider, we have seen expenses rise as reimbursements lower. That’s why your donation is so important during these times. Even the smallest donation has a big impact. Your gift is kept local; we service a 50 mile radius of Reno County. Thank you for your support, your generosity is appreciated!


On behalf of our entire agency, we wish you and your family a very safe and Merry Christmas!

Nora Mikels, In Memory of Bill Mikels

Linda Strawn, Becky Harris & Family, In Memory of Tony Strawn

Richard & Kimberly Hoyt, In Memory of Brad Hurd & Alice I. Hoyt

Sutton-Kauffman Transmission Service, In Memory of Morris Fowler & Wayne Gee

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ediger

Linda Henderson, In Memory of Nancy McConnell

Reid & Anna Brown, In Memory of Scott Brown

Peggy Krehbiel, In Memory of Robert Krehbiel

Kelly & Debra Parks, In Memory of Gordon Hedrick

Luella Ramsey, In Memory of Ralph Ramsey

Glenn & Rose Freund, In Memory of David Daniel Freund

Maurice & Donna Bastion, In Memory of Viola Bontrager, Abe Bontrager, Eulalia Scherer, Charles Scherer

Lynn & Karen Child, In Memory of Velma Schroeder

Carol & Weymeth Harrison

Tamara Totland, In Memory of Jack Totland, Helen Schmidt, Herman Totland, Leonard Schmidt, Gladys Totland

Kim Sorensen, In Memory of Jimmie E. Sorensen, In Honor of Theo F. Birket

Lois Schlickau, In Memory of George Schlickau

Marilyn Rhodes, In Memory of Bob Rhodes

Reba Jansen, In Memory of Earl C. Allan, Winnifred Allan, Albert Jansen

Joe & Linda Corwin, In Memory of Warren & Sylvia Klusener, Ray & Mary Ann Corwin, Randy Corwin

Carlton Spencer, In Memory of Marilyn Spencer, Buddy Dobbins

Nancy Baalman, In Memory of Jane Hildebrandt

David & Patricia Kerr

Sheila Metzger, In Memory of Don & Lorene Reif

Judy Young, In Memory of Earldean Hamilton

Doug Risley, In Memory of Darleen Risley

Billy & Shirley Durbin, In Honor of Billy G. Durbin

Bill Riner, In Memory of Bud Riner

Randal & Beverly Hoskinson, In Memory of Peggy Strickler

Joe Clouatre, In Memory of Barbara Clouatre

Brett Mattison

Susan Whitacre, In Memory of Connie Shea, Esther Shea, Larry Shea

Daniel & Debra Pearce, In Memory of J.D. & Marjorie Pearce, William & Charlene Cornett

John Cox, In Memory of Ralph W. Cox, Nicol L. Cox

Annie Metzler

Patricia Prater, In Memory of Earl Prater

Kenneth & Vickie Nuss

Ruth Filbert, In Memory of Fern Hair- Mrs. Ed Hair

David & Linda VanAsselt, In Memory of Stacy VanAsselt

Kenny Sivils, In Memory of Ernestine Sivils

Royce & Marsha Johnson

Joanne Whelchel, In Memory of John Eckert

Robert & Judy jones, In Memory of Marilyn Phinney

Kathy Lohrey, In Memory of Mavis Gene Logbeck

Nancy Soldner, In Memory of Mollie Anne Hedrick

Roberta Frees, In Memory of William “Bill” Frees

Jason & Andrea Maas

Steve & Myra Lee

Carol Carson, In Memory of Jeanne Carson

Brian & LeAnn Robertson, In Memory of Stanley Mitchum, In Honor of Ed Robertson & Larry Brooks

Mary Starks, In Memory Henry Starks

Gary & Linda Banz, Gerald & Mary Margaret Banz

Charles & Carol Reitberger, In Memory of Loren W. Arnold

Dean & Sherra Brigman, In Memory of Larry Lambert

Steve & Kerri Dreher, In Memory of Glenn Dreher, Hazel Ramage

C.R. & J.M. Sidebottom, In Memory of Virgil Sidebottom

Clifford Gardner, In Memory of Shirley Gardner

JoAnn Berner, In Memory of Kirk Pearce, Anna Schoenhofer

Lanora Waggoner, In Memory of Alan Waggoner

Peggy Moffett

Patrick McMahon, In Memory of Carolyn McMahon and JoAnn Callhan

Kenneth & Cheryl Harmon

Judy Graber, In Memory of Marilyn Preheim

Barbara Goad, In Memory of Sandra Goad

Shelli, Kaile, and Ellinor Allen, In Memory of George Maior Sr.

Gregg & Lynette Tompkins, In Memory of Zeph & Kathryn Fisher

Emily Wallbillick, In Memory of Charles Colladay & Susan Perkins

Sarah Burris

Vernons Stallman, In Memory of Karla Stallman

Kim & Cynthia Moore, In Memory of Ardis & Everett Moore, Walter McDaniel

Kathy Nicholson, In Memory of Codgie Nicholson

Charlotte Dimmick, In Memory of William Dimmick, Randy Corwin, Andrew Corwin

Kay McAllaster

Joyce Nelson, In Memory of Gary P. Nelson

Cynthia Morton, In Memory of Charles Hayes, In Honor of Maxine Hayes

John & Peg Stephens, In Honor of Cancer Council

Mr & Mrs Wayne Pritchard, In Memory of Marilyn D. Luginbill

Carolyn Flores, In Memory of John & Josephine Sallabedra

Steve & Melinda Lang, In Memory of Don & Dora Givens

Alan & Donna Dunham

Chris & Rachel Nelson, In Memory of Loren Arnold

Marilyn Ropp, In Memory of Rod Sutton, John & Mary Harris

Wilmetta Deutsch, In Memory of Dean Deutsch

Shirley Cheatum, In Memory of Harold Cheatum

Gregory & Denise Wood, In Memory of Velda Howell

J.W. & Cindy Martin, In Memory of James R. Gunn

Ms. Lorene Hysell, In Memory of Hanna Stark

David Robertson, In Memory of Resa Robertson

Terri McQueen, In Memory of Vic Hallman

Jeanette Hallman, In Memory of Vic Hallman

JoAnn Barb, In Memory of Pauline Schwarm

Ann Duncan, In Memory of Daniel Duncan

Robert & Angela Mielke, In Memory of Joseph Mielke, Joetta Mielke

Joyce Siebuhr, In Memory of Buff Siebuhr, Elsie Marshall

Marcy Lang, In Memory of Mary Lou Brazeal

John Creed, In Memory of Lois Creed

James & Susan Hubbard, In Memory of Frances & Robert Shears

Mary Zuk

Sidney Shelman, In Memory of Geneva Singleton

Jim Hasler, In Memory of Darleen Hasler

Chris & Rhonda Wilson, In Memory of Betty Ann Wilson, Cecil Wilson

Michael & Vicki McClure, In Memory of Marion & Ruth Baker, Eileen McClure

Barbara McGowan, In Memory of Elsie Graber

Velma Ratzlaff, In Memory of Richard Ratzlaff

Jay & Linda Goering, In Memory of LeRoy & Mary Kauffman

Martha Brost, In Memory of Jane Clark Zabel

Frank & Gerry Brunton, In Memory of Goldie Kolb, Darrell Kolb

Evan & Melissa Moodie, In Memory of Mary Stuewe

Holly Horning, In Memory of Phyll Carman

Cynthia Beckerman, In Memory of Donald Stegman

Carolyn Kidd, In Memory of Clifford & Verna Rickett, Mario Kidd

Dr. Mark & Abby Reed, In Memory of Our Grandparents

Harold & Diana Doerfler, In Memory of Joseph Doerfler, Paul Luea

Roger & Janet Scott, In Memory of Linda Domingo (mother), Phil Domingo (brother)

Appraisal Service of Mid-Kansas, In Memory of Joyce Elliott

Gary Pohl, In Honor of Armella Pohl

Steve & Linda Cox, Pam & Bill Colvin, Susan Willis, Lois Debozy, Matt Maier, In Memory of Jesse Cox

Pat Thayer, In Memory of Ed Thayer

Randy & Candice Sawatzky, In Memory of Richard Hamm

Teresa Zimmerman, In Memory of Brad L. Zimmerman

Kevin & Brenda Emmerich, In Memory of Harold Cheatum

Norma Brawner, In Memory of Delmar Brawner

Wendell & Sue Bates, In Memory of Frank & Della Bates, In Honor of Raymond & Neta Teufel

Rick & Jo Wooderson, In Memory of Edna & Tony Temaat

Virginia Guhl, In Memory of Louis Guhl Jr.

Imogene Trammell, In Memory of Everett Trammell

Robert & Bonnie Lewellen

Jacqueline Long

Sharon King, In Memory of Wayne King

Phyllis Snyder, In Honor of Hospice Staff

George & Shirley Rummel, In Memory of Irene Brawner

Barbara Heer, In Memory of William “Bill” Heer

John Beckman, In Memory of Geraldine Beckman

Keith & Sharon Garey, In Memory of Donald & Ruth Stafford; Leonard & Betty Garey

Kris Friesen, In Memory of Meribeth Neufeld

Ronald and Kathyrn Pekrul, In Memory of Marlene Thompson

Cindy Whitmore, In Memory of Carol Joy Miller

Nancijane Stark, In Memory of Irene MacPherson

Tom & Debra Campbell, In Memory of Phyll Carman

Bob & Shelley Brower, In Memory of Stella Siehndel

Eric & Geralyn Chronister, In Memory of Edith Mae Giessel

Adaline Sowers, In Memory of Jim Sowers

Ashley Reid, In Memory of Vicki Gilmore

Shirley Cox, In Memory of Jesse E. Cox

Avionics Test & Analysis Corporation, In Memory of Bonnita “Bonnie” Coon

Barbara & Ron Lyne, In Memory of Roger & Dorothy Lyne, Malinda & Mike Brown, Sandy & Tim Heisler, John & Gala Lyne

Robert & Sara Childs, In Memory of Rena Childs

Errol & Stephanie Blumenthal, In Memory of Wanda & Gale Earle

Eugene Schwartz, In Memory of Bill Schwartz

Kevin & Angel Faucett

Nel Smith, In Memory of Floyd Smith

Jonathon & Amanda Goetz, In Memory of Robert Donna & Darrin Bowles

Galen & Cindy Childs, In Memory of Dwain Gill, Taylor Childs

Curtis & Joan Crosson, In Memory of Betty Gawith

Levi & Lora Beaver, In Memory of Dennis Rayl

Ms. Joyce Walton, In Memory of Lyle Walton, Shirley Stout, Bobbi Ramsey

Tim & Andrea Siefkes

Annette Boyer, In Memory of Irene Brawner

Denise Hallman, In Memory of Vic Hallman

Dorothy Geier, In Memory of G. Raymond Geier

Shirley Robinson, In Memory of Clifford & Erma Robinson

Donald Adams

Joe & Sondra Hedrick, In Memory of Elizabeth Hedrick, Mary Ellen Hutchins

Larry & Vickie French, In Memory of Morris Fowler

Connie Currie, In Memory of Charles R (Dick) Currie

Richard Shank

Margaret McElwain, In Memory of W. H. McElwain Jr

Ms. Pat Dawson, In Memory of Tony Dawson

Tomisha Pittman & Veo Louise Sherbert, In Memory of Gary L. Sherbert

Debra Oller-Rodger

Wesley & Ann Thiessen, In Memory of Robert & Ramona Busby

Cynthia Van Dellen, In Memory of Melva Bornholdt

Myrle Edward Walden, In Memory of Debra Walden, David Walden

Lesle Griessel, In Memory of Charles & Maxine Colladay

Dan & Janis Dickson, In Memory of The Corwins

Thomas & Martha Mick, In Memory of Irl E. Palmer

Erma Wilson, In Memory of George Wilson

C.A. Freeman, In Memory of Lloyd Freeman

Latreca Harris, In Memory of Rogert Kent Harris

Kevin & Marina Brown, In Memory of Stanley “Shorty” Brown

Gary & Millie Brooks, In Memory of Maggie Brooks

Carol Sallee, In Memory of Larry Sallee

Dr. V. Robert & Debra Hayles, In Memory of Joyce Fuller

Alvin Sowers, In Memory of Doris J. Sowers

Kent & Joquetta Dove, In Memory of Gilbert Ash

Mark & Danette Hukills, In Memory of Norma Hukills

Rosemary Boyd, In Memory of Edwin W. “Ed” Boyd

Kevin McClure

Coralie Beaver, In Memory of Robert Beaver

Brenda Hanavan, In Memory of Emma & Albert Frazell

Clark & Nicole Kirk

Monty & Avona Kasselman, In Memory of Wayne & Mary Ann Kasselman

Mike & Sharon Lane, In Memory of Peggy Strickler

Marilyn Myers, In Memory of Phil Cory

Michaelyn Burnette & Terry Tierney, In Memory of Bonnie Burnette

Lucas & Jennifer Wright, In Memory of Sue Wagler


Harold & Jan Mauck, In Memory of George & Edna Plett

Phillip Glass, In Memory of James F. Glass

Carla Bickel, In Memory of Family Members

Hattesohl Trucking, In Memory of Jeanette Hattesohl

Cynthia Dierks, In Memory of Martin & Elizabeth Dierks

Kelley Sprague, In Memory of Judy Smith

Jack & Gwen Graber, In Memory of Kenneth Graber

Charles & Joan Gibson

Patricia Simpson, In Memory of Stanley Simpson

Chris & Vicki Batchman, In Memory of Deanna Warren, Teresa Batchman, and Vernon Batchman

Dr. Mark & Laura Yackley, In Memory of James V. Yackley, Evelyn E. Yackley, Elizabeth A. Farrell, Robert Farrell

Julie Grieman, In Memory of Earl Ditgen

Gregory & Susan Flores, In Memory of Betty Charter, In Honor of Robert Hoffman

Karen Russell, In Memory of Donna McFadden

Gregory & Debra Binns, In Memory of J.B. Stuckey

Dennis & Mary Sue Luebbers

Barbara Zody, In Memory of Keith Zody

Eveyln Dye, In Memory of Homer Dye

Chadd & Jessica Schmidt, In Memory of Jeffrey Koblitz

Dixie Lundquist, In Memory of Donald J. Lundquist

Jolene Anderson, In Memory of Robert W. Anderson, Jr.

Allen & Illa Stone, In Memory of Bruce M. Umberger, Orpha M. Umberger, Gordon E. Stone MD, Evelyn R. Stone

Jay Brown

Allen & Kriss Fee, In Memory of Jim Fee

Mike Belcher, In Memory of Debra Lynn Belcher

Marjorie Keller, In Memory of John Swanson

Gayle & Murriel Evans, In Memory of Leslie Torrence

Russell Altvater, In Memory of Linda Altvater

Jane Krafels, In Memory of Joe Krafels

Angela Nickelson, In Memory of Hannelore Stark

Mr. & Mrs. Loran Arnold, In Honor of Hospice & HomeCare Team

Bryan & Sheli Carey, In Memory of William “Bill” Dimmick, Andrew Corwin, Randy Corwin

Russell & Nancy Reinert

Mary Lou Bush, In Memory of Bryan Bush

Ron & Cindy Sorensen, In Memory of Dick Trotter

Stana Collins In Memory of Zack Collins

Betty Barr, In Memory of Dale Barr

Carroll Snell, In Memory of Joyce E. Snell

Karen LeBlanc, In Memory of Don LeBlanc

Sheri Barr, In Memory of DiAnn Altum, Beverly Friesen

Jim & Karen Swank, In Memory of James M. & Helen L. Swank

Kim Witt

L.J. & Judy Roberts, In Memory of Marie Moeckel

Darren & Doris Crossley, In Memory of Flossie Schoming

Becca Dilbeck

Thom & Sharon Etlzer, In Memory of Betty June Fuqua

Ronnie Hites, In Memory of Donna Jo Hites

Marie Ternes

Cheryl Schmidt, In Memory of Bernice J. Smith

Shirley Alpers, In Memory of “Whitey” Alpers

Myrna Moorman, In Memory of Harold E. Moorman

Edmond & Mary Alexander, In Memory of Lorena M. Alexander

Cecil & Joan Burdette, In Memory of Waldo Enns

Dee Ann McGuire, In Memory Tom McGuire

W.R. & Arlene Ratzlaff, In Memory Joyce Johnson

Mary Comley

Cliff & Vicki Shank, In Memory of Nadene Shank, Lois Gritton

Helen Thornburg, In Memory LeRoy Thornburg

David & Valerie Hederstedt

Jean Knappenberger, In Memory of George Knappenberger

Cindy Dale, In Memory Nancy McConnell

Janine Owens, In Memory of Richard Owens

Juli Osborn, In Memory of Dee & Freddie Axelson

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Seitz, In Memory of Vivian Krone

J & R McClarty, In Memory of LeRoy Pickard

Sue Rettig, In Memory of Howard “Wayne” Rettig

Maxine Junk, In Memory of Marvin Stoss

Dr. Ken & Michelle Cotton, In Honor of Healthcare Workers

Steve Wilcox, In Memory of Nina Wilcox

Terry & Mary Kay Urban, In Memory of Regina Israel

Eileen Cowan, In Memory of James Cowan

Cheryl Smith, In Memory of Helen M. Smith

Glenace Humphrey, In Memory of Garlan Duane Johnson

John & Barbara Summervill, In Memory of Our Family

Ronald & Marsha Fenwick, In Memory of Pete & Ruby Becker, Earl Fenwick 

Ann Kelsey, In Memory of Lloyd Kelsey, Eugene Kelsey

Richard Cooper & Logan Cooper, In Memory of Sharon Cooper

Linda Riner, In Memory of William B. (Bud) Riner

Mrs. Patricia Berry, In Memory of Jack Crow

Kathryn Sheffler, In Memory of Eugene Powell, Maxine Powell

Alan & Karon Stites, In Memory of Brienne Lord Rhor, Lavern Rohr, In Honor of Melvin Howell

Phyllis Miller, In Memory of Leland Gould

Eugene Haas, In Memory of Betty Haas

Arlene Becker, In Memory of Alvin & Neva Schroeder, Jake & Mary Becker

Patty Ruzich, In Memory of Geraldine Ruzich

Bradley Vogts, In Memory of Rita Kay Vogts

Janice Allen, In Memory of Gene Allen, Stacy Allen

Jeff & Lisa Stringer, In Memory of Cherol Schoon

Alice Woerpel, In Memory of Dr. Harlan R. Woerpel

Don & Sandra Erickson, In Memory of Stanley Hoefer

James & Karen Gilliland, In Memory of Fred & Barbara Burke

Larre & Delores Eschliman

Norma Beachy, In Memory of Deborah Lynn Borntrager

Michael & Phyllis Howard, In Memory of Connie Jo Essells

Merilyn Britt, In Memory of Edith M. White

Daniel & Jerri Hanus, In Memory of Dale & Lovetta Flynn

Thomas & Anne Sellers, In Memory of Ronnie Sellers, Andy Scott, In Honor of Mert Sellers, In Honor of Chris Scott

Max Weber, In Memory of Georgia Weber

Dr. Richard Johnson, In Memory of Joan Johnson

Craig & Julie Weigel, Dwight & June Gwaltney, Jerry & Vivian Weigel

Bruce & Kathleen Trapp, In Memory of Sharon Trapp, Lloyd McQuilliam

Dr. Pamela & Frank Edwards, In Memory of Kay C. Bloom

Mike Fast, In Memory of Joyce Fast

Jack Zabel, In Memory of Jane Zabel

Donald & Diana Fromong, In Memory of LeRoy Galloway, In Honor of Brenda Galloway

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Avery, Roy N. Meister Jr.

Penny Kennard Stephens, In Memory of Judy Astle McCool

Ivan & Bonnie Husa, In Memory of Virginia Rush

Martha Chalfant, In Memory of Bill Chalfant

Krista Isaacs, In Memory of Louise Bright

Dawnelle Anderson, In Memory of Roland & Mary Ann Duerksen, Dennis Duerksen, Mary Anderson

Doug McEntarfer, In Memory of Lamoine McEntarfer

LW & Carolyn Parson, In Memory of Nathan Parson

Kristen Key, In Memory of Tom & Pat Key

Dennis & Pamela Bisby, In Memory of Homer D. Groves

Joanna Riehl, In Memory of William & Elizabeth Nisly

Shaun Reimer, In Honor of Grandma Wulfemeyer

David & Kay Schreiner, In Memory of Martha Ball

Judy Hudson, In Memory of Robert (Bob) Hudson

Alice Arnold, In Memory of Loren W. Arnold

Susan Hay, In Memory of Robert & Eileen Schmitt, Danny Schmitt

Sharon Adrian, In Memory of Elizabeth & John Adrian

Keri Thiessen, In Memory of Sophie Thiessen, Allen Thiessen & Bruce Hill

Melody Henson, In Memory of Keith Zody

Carol Murray, In Memory of Max Murray

Mary Jane Vondra, In Memory of Ken Peterson, Judy Eales, In  Honor of Leon Peterson & Nancy Bircher

Anthony & Jane Twibell, In Memory of Dan Welchons

Mark & Patricia Huston, In Memory of Mary Johnson

Kenneth & Ruth Jones , In Memory of Terry Jones

Joel & Melody Helm, In Memory of Beverley Helm Rayl

Peter & Polly Thompson, In Memory of James Floyd

Margaret Peter, In Memory of Jo Harmon

Nona Lowrey

Robert & Linda Maddox, In Memory of Virginia D. Maddox

Kathryn Mollhagen

Dr. Michael & Carolyn Patterson

Cynthia Gehring, In Memory of Harvey Gehring

Dr. Denny Mauricio, In Honor of Fred Obold

Sharoll Bickel, In Memory of Merlin Michal Bickel

Margaret Parks, In Memory of Ruth Jacobson

James & Carolyn Winkler, In Memory of Kathy Bynum, Isa Rumback

Terri Noll, In Memory of Brad Noll

Galen & Marlena Redenbaugh, In Memory of Arlan Redenbaugh

Dan & Kay Almanza, In Memory of Charlie Kimbell

Brandon & Rebecca Pinkston, In Memory of LaVeta Jowers

Millie Stratford & Family, In Memory of William Stratford

Traci Luce, In Memory of Ray & Judy Mora

Brenda Marshall, In Memory of Dwain Gill

Nancy Wood, In Memory of Jack & Frances Hornbeck, Tommy Joe Wood

Mark & Janis Kling, In Memory of Ralph & Deeva Christie

Ron & Diane Caffrey, In Memory of Bud & Betty Larsen, Richard & Bev Caffrey

Willard & Marilyn Boldenow, In Memory of Mr & Mrs W. Boldenow, Mr & Mrs W.E. Miller

Sherry Bradley, In Memory of Carol Gaeddert

Kim Trent, In Memory of Jan Brawner

Rene & John Cokeley, In Memory of Linda Lancaster

Ron & Teresa Corwin & Mauryn Lehmann, In Memory of Loren & Darlene Lehmann, Sod, Eva, Bill Lehmann, Jim Byrum, Helen Bechthold

Betty Albright

Sharon Anderson, In Memory of Betty Joyce Anderson, Lelia Adele Thompson

Jane Easter, In Memory of Mel Howell, Melvin Howell, Jo & Curt Easter, Bill & Chris Swafford

Mrs. David McQuilliam, In Memory of Dorothy, David & Bob McQuilliam, Jack Dale, Vivian Phelps, Sally Bond

Caroldine Dale, In Memory of Jack Dale

Doug & Lynn Wright

Dr. Jack & Donna Wortman

Mike & Robin Murphy, In Memory of Wm J. Murphy Sr, Wm J. Murphy Jr., Wanda Williams, Juanita Murphy

Jonathan & Brenda Nakano, In Memory of Donald Gene Pruitt, Marcella Showalter, Jack Showalter

Galen & Kathy Moore, In Memory of Mary F. Kostner Kramer

Daryl Borg, In Memory of Joyce Fuller

Dale & Avril Jewett

Suzanne Sentney Brown

Adrian’s Boutique

Kristie, Jason & Wyatt Jermark, In Memory of
Don Abrahams (Grandpa)

Irene & Gary Vincent, In Memory of Helen Parker

Beth & Dustin Wees, In Honor of Ann & Don Adams

Karen Zimmerman, In Memory of Gary Zimmerman

Tim & Keena Burnet, In Memory of Don LeBlanc

Royce McMurray, In Memory of Bonnie McMurray

Scott & Anne Potucek

Teresa Reimer, In Memory of Harriet L. Wulfemeyer

Sherri Clark, In Memory of Bradley Clark

Ted & Joyce Schultz

Beverly Wright, In Memory of Berniece & Gerald Salmon

Debby & Edward Aleman, In Memory of Diane Stapleton,
Charlie & Irene Aleman, Betty Aleman, Val Aleman, Rita Aleman, Louie Aleman; In Honor of Richard Aleman, Bethany Krafels, Kolby Gable

Robert & Muriel Harner

Don & Mary Troyer, In Memory of Perry & Ruth Troyer

Terry & Sara Weathers, In Memory of Leroy & Juanita Weathers

Bill & Marilyn Atkinson

Mark & Diana Krone, In Memory of Mary Ann Krone

Joe Ostmeyer, In Memory of Dale Ostmeyer

Marilyn Dupont

Debra Oller-Rodger, In Memory of Jim Oller

Rosemary Kinser

Curtis Kirkley, In Memory of Katherine Kirkley

Dr. Robert & Debra Hayles, In Memory of Joyce Fuller

Betty & Lori Christensen, In Memory of Phillip Christensen