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A Navigator can assist you by answering questions about the Marketplace, the application process and comparing plans. The website is There are options to look at the Healthcare plans and a Navigator shows the options. The Marketplace has Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans. It is the consumer's decision on which plan will work best for their insurance needs. 

Things to consider for the consumer:

  • Your budget and how the cost of the insurance will fit in.
  • Do you have chronic health issues?
  •  Is there a surgery that is needed in the near future? 
  • Do you have frequent trips to the doctor for blood checks or other routine checks? 
  • Is your doctor and prescriptions available in the network and formularies? 

These are some of the questions that the consumer needs to think through. You have the option to do the application yourself or the Navigator can help. You will need basic information for the application such as:

  • Names, birthdays and social security numbers for everyone in your household. 
  • Projected household income for the year. 
  • Tax information, such as filing status and number of dependents Immigration documentation and supporting id numbers. 
  • An email address if you plan to do an application online.

If there is a major change in your life, you may still be able to get insurance. If you lose your job based insurance due to retirement or loss of job, marriage, divorce, birth or adoption - these are considered Special Enrollment Period (SEP) and you have 60 days from date of occurrence to apply.

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