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Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Partners with MDsave to Help Patients Save Money

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Wed, January 24, 2018 -- Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System
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MDsave and Hutchinson Regional Medical Center (HRMC) are working together to help local residents without insurance or with high-deductible health plans save money and get more of the medical care they need. Through the MDsave marketplace, patients at HRMC will have access to a wide variety of medical procedures at prices up to 60 percent off the average rate, as well as simplified billing and educational resources.

Fortune magazine recently reported approximately 17.4 million Americans are on high-deductible health plans, with an average deductible of $6,000 a year or more. Another 38 million Americans had no insurance coverage at all as of January 2015. In both cases, out-of-pocket expenses prevent many individuals and families from getting medical care they need, especially preventive procedures that could help stave off future health issues. MDsave and HRMC are working to create better options for these patients.

In today’s marketplace, healthcare can be confusing and expensive, especially for consumers who are uninsured or carry high-deductible insurance plans. MDsave helps these patients access the same quality healthcare they have come to expect at our hospital at a lower cost.

MDsave empowers patients to take more control over their healthcare decisions. MDsave's website allows patients to geographically search by procedure, provider, specialty, or ailment, and compare pricing. The process is upfront and easy. Just choose the best option, add to your cart, and check out online - the price posted is what you pay.

“Our average consumer is saving about 40% to 60%,” says MDsave co-founder and CEO Paul Ketchel. For example, an MRI might cost $2,500 on the healthcare exchange, but by researching and booking through MDsave, that same patient could get an MRI at HRMC for less than $500. “People are getting some of the care they need sooner and not showing up at the emergency room where things are really expensive.”

“Working with HRMC we are taking an important step toward making healthcare more accessible and affordable,” says Ketchel. “We know that the cost of preventive treatments is often a factor in consumers neglecting to have them. We hope that our strategic alliance will increase access to quality medical care and, as a result, help save lives.”