Health System Vaccine Update

Health System Vaccine Update

We are very proud to say that Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System has been utilizing every dose of COVID-19 vaccine we receive for our employees. We have not wasted a single dose.

To date, this is what the vaccinations have included:

  • We have received 506 Pfizer doses and gave 506 doses.
  • We have received 1800 Moderna doses. We gave 632 doses and transferred 868 doses to surrounding area Health Departments.
    • This left us with 300 doses.
    • We have 300+ scheduled for 1/20/21 and 1/21/21.
    • This includes some round 2 and an additional 45+ round 1 vaccinations. We are still adding, so numbers aren’t final.
    • We should receive an additional 300 Moderna doses this week that will be used to complete our employee clinic and then will be transferred to the other health departments to use for their second doses.

We are nearing the end of Phase 1 vaccine administration and hope to move into Phase 2 in partnership with the Reno County Health Department and other medical providers next week.

Phase 2 includes people 65 or older (12,331 in Reno County), people in Group Quarters/Congregate Living (2,526 in Reno County) and High Contact Critical Workers (7,117 in Reno County.)

It is highly unlikely we would receive enough vaccine to administer to all of these Phase 2 people at once, so we are sorting based on degree of risk. This week the Reno County Health Department received 500 doses to begin Phase 2. Using the degree of risk, 500 have been identified and will be notified of their eligibility for doses next week.

Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System has done an exceptional job of getting vaccines into the arms of our employees. We have worked closely with staff from the Hutchinson Clinic, and the process has gone smoothly. Every dose we receive has been given out, or will be shortly. Once again, we have not wasted a single dose.

We know everyone is very anxious for their families and loved ones to receive the vaccine as soon as possible. We promise to keep you informed of the latest plans for the vaccine distribution.

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