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COVID Cut-Off 10-Day Challenge

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Thu, November 05, 2020 -- Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System

Together we can curb the spread, prevent our hospital from being overwhelmed, and protect our neighbors from critical illness.

Commit to:

  • Wearing a mask AND distancing 6 feet at all times in indoor spaces that are not your home, plus maintaining at least 6 feet of distance outdoors
  • Washing and sanitizing hands frequently
  • Working from home, if possible, and holding meetings online rather than in person
  • Avoiding being indoors with non-household members except for school, work that cannot be done from home, and activities deemed essential
  • Any group related events to highly encourage social distancing, wearing a mask, offer online services, provide hand sanitizer, and limit situations that involve singing, refreshments, and social gatherings
  • Supporting local businesses by wearing a mask, social distancing when in person, and if possible, ordering online or by phone with curbside delivery
  • Support local restaurants by social distancing and wearing a mask or order to go
  • Continuing to maintain healthy behaviors by keeping up with routine physician, dental, and eye appointments
  • Maintaining a balanced diet and routine exercise