COVID-19 statement by Dr. Keck Hartman, Infectious Disease Specialist

COVID-19 statement by Dr. Keck Hartman, Infectious Disease Specialist

COVID-19 activity is surging in South-Central Kansas. Reno, Sedgwick, and Butler counties are all seeing a record number of cases and test positivity rates. Hutchinson Regional Medical Center and the Wichita hospitals are at critical capacity. All have been on diversion, which means they have to send patients to other facilities, at some point during the past few days.

We are caring for your friends, co-workers, and loved ones who are ill with this pandemic virus. Some of them are not doing well, despite the best available medical care and heroic efforts by the nurses and other professional medical staff.

All of us know the right thing to do to protect our friends, loved ones, and neighbors. Reducing the risk of spreading this dangerous virus is as easy as wearing masks, continuing to physically distance, and frequent hand cleansing. If you are ill, stay home and isolate. There are very few other viruses or illness being transmitted in our community right now. Show respect to our community by doing your part to decrease transmission.

It’s really simple. Out of respect and concern for our friends and loved ones, practice these measures which have been proven to be effective. If we do, we will sooner be able to return to work and school safely. We can reduce the unnecessary tragedy of hospitalizing sick and dying members of our families, our co-workers and friends, and our community.

Dr. Keck Hartman
Infectious Disease Specialist
Hutchinson Regional Medical Center

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