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Richard Shank

Richard Shank, External Affairs Representative here at Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System, shares his experience with the Heart and Vascular Center.

Emily & Patrick Calvillo

Emily Calvillo, System Privacy Officer here at Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System, and her brother Patrick Calvillo, share their experience with Hospice & HomeCare of Reno County. 

Peggy Tuxhorn

Peggy Tuxhorn, Vice President of Quality here at Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System, tells about her experience with the new Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery:

Michael Hagley, MD

Dr. Hagley, Cardiologist at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, tells about his experience not only working at the hospital, but also about he and his family utilizing hospital services:

Janet Grilliot

Janet Grilliot is a nurse practitioner who works with the hospitalists here at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center. Janet has had all three of her children here, along with two orthopaedic surgeries and a GYN surgery. Hear about her full experience with Hutch Regional below:

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas shares his experience with Hutchinson Regional Medical Center after suffering from two aneurysms. Hear his story below: 

Seeking Personalized Care

Joyce Wilson received the shock of her life shortly after her 60th birthday when she was diagnosed with cancer. She pursued treatment in Wichita but did not receive the personalized care she was looking for. This led her to switch things up and get treatment that was closer to home. She decided to go with the treatment provided at the hospital and clinic in Hutchinson. “Immediately I was glad” Joyce says when describing how she felt after the transition. Joyce describes the great group of gals at the hospital that are committed to make her fight with cancer as pleasant as possible. Hear Joyce’s story below:

An Emergency Departments Hospitality

Kim and Wes Hoyt did not expect to be spending more time in an Emergency Department than touring the new city they would soon call home. But thanks to some questionable food Kim ate on their way from Louisiana, that’s exactly what happened. An unfortunate situation but there was a silver lining, Wes got to experience firsthand the care the hospital provided to its patients. Wes and Kim were moving to Hutchinson from Louisiana because of Wes’s new position, COO of Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System.

After checking into the ED, Kim received an initial medical assessment within 10 minutes. Wes knows EDs can be inefficient when they are crowed and was astounded by how quickly his wife received care. Kim points out the excellent care she received was done without the staff knowing she was the new COOs wife. “They knew she needed to get in, and they figured it out” Wes explains, “It was good, personable, warm care.” Wes was also impressed by the team work displayed among employees. See Kim and Wes’s full story below:

Sharing an Exceptional Experience

Stefanie Griggs is Senior Director of Community Services at Horizons Mental Health Center. She found herself in a scary situation involving her young child and received excellent care from hospital staff who did not know her affiliation with the hospital.

"I just wanted to pass along what I consider to be an exceptional experience…

My son had a febrile seizure the evening of March 30th. He is 2 and this was the first time that it had ever happened. Of course, I called 911 and we were transported to the hospital’s Emergency Department. We received excellent care from the moment we arrived as 2 nurses were waiting at the door for us. This made me feel safe and welcomed, but this was not the exceptional part. The exceptional part came later after my son had vomited not only on himself, but me as well. Immediately after, our nurse began to get everything cleaned up. Suddenly, I realized that there was something going on with my feet. It was the nurse. She was cleaning my feet! She didn't know that I worked for the system. She was just being compassionate to a mother who had enough on her plate without worrying about having to clean the vomit off of her body.

I have told this story to many others and wanted you to know it too. I wish I had had the presence of mind to remember her name because she certainly went above and beyond in providing excellent care. I was very proud in that moment to be an employee of the System."