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2017 Hutchinson Heart Walk


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The Hutch Regional staff does all we can to make our home even better. Through donations, sponsorships, and active participation, Hutch Regional contributes to the many elements that make Reno County a great place to live. In 2017, HRHS took part in a number of events for the community.

United Way

HRHS continues to build its relationship with United Way of Reno County. In United Way’s 2017 fund raising campaign, our employees contributed money and time to this organization that returns 99% of its funds back into Reno County. Horizons Mental Health Center and Hospice & HomeCare of Reno County are two of many local organizations that receive financial support from United Way. United Way raised $1,333,032 for their 2017-2018 campaign.

Annual Drive

In order to help United Way reach their campaign goal, HRHS participates in an annual donation drive. This year saw multiple fun and creative ways people were able to donate to the cause. These included a raffle, themed basket auction, and even a basketball challenge. In total, HRHS donations amounted to $98,522.

Over the Edge

HRHS sent executives Wes Hoyt, Amanda Hullet, and Chris Kelly, “Over the Edge” of First National Bank in Hutchinson for a charity event held by United Way. Our volunteers campaigned to raise the required funds to send themselves over the edge. The event raised $72,000 and HRHS looks forward to participating again.

Disaster Preparedness

Photo captured by Sandra J. Milburn

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. When it comes to being ready in the event of an emergency, HRHS does not stay complacent. Managers and frontline staff take part in table top exercises to improve the protocols in place for emergencies. We not only participate, but initiate these events, working with others in our area. HRHS sponsored a community wide weather table top exercise in July 2017. The exercise brought together 84 people to discuss protocol in the event of a tornado. The event familiarized HRHS community partners with the Incident Command Structure, established lines of communication to Incident Command, and identified resources needed in the event of an emergency. 2017 also saw staff participate in a regional table top exercise on infectious diseases.

In early March, wildfires broke out in Reno County that burned over 6,000 acres. HRHS provided services and support to the community during this event. Hospice and HomeCare of Reno County sent registered nurses to the Red Cross shelter set up at the Fair Grounds to assist in the medical care of 70 Reno County residents. They even utilized a police escort in order to service a client that lived in the evacuation zone. Horizons Mental Health Center offered 13 employees to provide services at the shelter. The Medical Center supplied wheel chairs to the shelter and Health-E-Quip addressed the medical equipment needs of those in the affected area.

Heart Walk

Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System has been a long time partner of The American Heart Association (AHA) on a number of health initiatives. In 2016, the AHA trained nearly 7,000 Reno County residents in CPR. In 2017, Hutch Regional and AHA worked in conjunction on the annual Heart Walk, an event aimed at raising funds to save lives from heart disease.

Space Rx program

Ten teenagers visited the medical center during the Cosmosphere’s Space Rx camp in June. Dr. Michael Hagley, a cardiologist at Hutchinson, spent part of the afternoon talking to the teens about procedures done at the Heart & Vascular Center. He also gave them a tour of the center and discussed how the heart and body works in space.

State Fair Sponsor

HRHS sponsored the Kansas State Fair as the sole sponsor of Kansas’ Largest Classroom, a program that includes participation from pre-school through college-level students from throughout Kansas.

Many of the participants in the program represent schools within the Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System service area. These participants explore the fairgrounds and undertake hands-on projects including art, agriculture, the milking parlor and the spelling bee.

Reno County EMS personnel, which operate under the umbrella of HRHS, were stationed on the fairgrounds during the duration of the ten-day State Fair to assist fairgoers with their medical needs and emergencies. 322,278 people were counted through the gates of the State Fairgrounds in 2017.

First Course

First Course is an educational event open to the public that covers topics like healthy living, heart health, physical therapy, and a wide range of other subjects that fall into the scope of Hutch Regional services. Each monthly presentation brings in about 200 people.

Stop the Bleed

Stop the Bleed educates the public on ways to deal with the aftermath of a mass casualty event. The goal is for bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professionals arrive on scene. A team of seven from HRMC’s Trauma Center and Emergency Department toured multiple schools in Reno County to provide free classes.

Health Fairs

Twice a year we blend education with action at our health fairs. We partner with the Hutchinson Recreation Commission and the Soroptimists for these events. People are able to receive free health screenings, educate themselves about medical conditions and treatments, and learn about everything HRHS has to offer.