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MedMinder™ is a personal medication dispenser with a cloud-based management portal which alerts a caregiver if medications are not taken, medications need to be replaced, or a fault condition exists, such as no power. MedMinder™ holds up to 28 doses of medication in individual compartments of a tray. It can be personalized to remind the user to take their medications at the correct time and only allows the medication compartments to be opened at the designated time. When the reminder is issued, the compartment lights up and the flap covering the compartment can be opened to remove the pill holder.

Med Smart System is a safe, convenient and automated solution that organizes, reminds and dispenses medications so they are taken properly and on-time. Available in both standalone and event reporting versions, Med Smart improves medication adherence and reduces the risk of misused and dosing errors to support independent living.


  • A safe, convenient way to organize, remind and dispense medications
  • Program up to 6 reminders per day
  • Event notification and reporting to multiple caregivers
  • Supports independent living at home



  • A safe, convenient way to manage medications
  • Encourages better self-care and medication administration
  • Reduces risk of hospital admissions associated with dosing errors
  • Promotes adherence to treatment regimens


  • Reduces frequency of visits to refill traditional pill boxes
  • Provides immediate alerts of missed doses in multiple message formats
  • Remote programming and web management tools makes programming, reloading and resetting easy
  • Event reporting and notification available to enhance compliance goals and better manage prescription activities

Easy to use

At each reminder / alarm time, a flashing light and sound alert will remind you that it is time to take your pills, the tray will rotate, and our medication will be made available. Tip the unit to dispense your pills and the device is ready to dispense the next dose at the scheduled time.


For more information about our Medication Management units, please contact 620.665.2473 or 800.267.6891 or request information online.