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Sleep Therapy

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Sleep Screening Tool and Home Sleep Testing

Health-E-Quip offers a take home device used to assess the possibility of whether you have sleep apnea. Please refer questions to Health-E-Quip.  If you have questions regarding attended sleep studies please refer to the Sleep Diagnostic Center at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

Health-E-Quip offers top-of-the-line CPAP machines manufactured by Respironics and Resmed. Our licensed clinicians will show you the benefits and comfort of using a compact, integrated CPAP humidifier. We work closely with your physician to optimize coordination and to provide the best care.

We will personally fit you with the most comfortable mask possible. We consider things like claustrophobia, facial sensitivities, facial structure and persistent mouth breathing.

Patients that benefit from CPAP are those diagnosed with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and many times have other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, leg jerking, heart arrhythmias, or may have had a heart attack or stroke.

BiPAP (Two Levels of Positive Airway Pressure)

BiPAPs are usually considered easier to tolerate but are more costly and therefore require additional justification by insurers. BiPAP usage may require additional sleep studies or a diagnosed failure to respond to CPAP therapy. BiPAP utilizes two pressures, one to open the airway and another to keep the airway open during exhalation. Through instruction, we will help you understand how this application can be effective for you.

BiPAP S/T (BiPAP with Breath Rate Support)

The S/T feature allows the BiPAP to deliver pressure pulses to assist in the breathing rate of patients that have specific types of sleep apnea like central sleep apnea. If you are told you need a BiPAP S/T, let us assist. We have clinical therapists available 24 hours a day for patients requiring this type of machine.


BiPAP ASV is a BiPAP machine that tracks and follows your respiration depth and frequency and supplements breathing when necessary for Central Apneas and or Complex Sleep Apnea. Please inquire about this machine if your doctor says you need a BiPAP ASV. Our respiratory therapists are professionally trained in the application and monitoring of patients with this requirement.


Average Volume Assured Pressure Support is a BiPAP machine that offers volume assurance and a breath rate when required by the patient’s lack of breathing effort. This machine is beneficial for patients with “complex sleep apnea” to ensure effective breathing at a frequency that is like normal breathing. This machine requires highly trained clinical specialists for set up. Our qualified personnel are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Home Ventilation/Non-Invasive

Home Ventilation has been employed for many years, but utilizing it for special cases of insufficient breathing via a CPAP-type mask is more recent. This treatment is more effective than conventional CPAP or BiPAP for patients that qualify with specific diagnoses like chronic respiratory failure, advancing neuromuscular disease and restrictive thoracic disease. Patients with these problems can be ventilated specific to their issues and diseases. Licensed respiratory therapists are required to set-up, assess and make recommendations regarding the care of home ventilation patients. Patients are visited frequently to ensure equipment is operating properly and that it is being used as prescribed. As with all pressure machines, a physician’s order is required. Please contact us to discuss this with a licensed therapist.