The Foundation for a Healthy Tomorrow

Donate to a cause that aligns with your passions and secures the future of our healthcare.

The Foundation Giving Pillars



Leave a lasting impact on our community by making a legacy gift that benefits our organization and the people we serve for years to come.


Invest in the future of healthcare by funding programs, scholarships, and facilities for young people in our


Make a difference in our healthcare system by donating to fund major renovation projects, new technology, and expansion opportunities.


Support our mission to enhance healthcare in our region by donating to provide patient financial relief and community grants.

Life Giving

This is your gift of life, truly. Legacy gifts are the contributions that reach far beyond the initial donation, and often benefit the organization and community for years to come. Leaving a lasting legacy, not only, speaks to your philanthropic spirit, but showcases what you valued during your life.

We understand these decisions are made with careful consideration, so we are grateful for those who have made these contributions in the past. If you have questions on how to make a Life Giving Legacy we are ready to partner and help you with the process.

Generational Giving

The best investment we can make is in the people of our future. As a Generational Giver, you are passionate about the next generation of the healthcare system, including investing in the young children of the area. These donations go directly to our work to help fund programs, scholarships and facilities for the youth. The Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to pursue healthcare careers, while also working with community partners to create sustainable measures and resources for childcare in the area.


To build for the long haul can only be sustained with a good foundation. You are the donor that makes the day in and day out possible. Through your consistent donations, whether monthly or annually, are what allows us to make the fastest difference in our healthcare system. Your gifts go to major renovation projects, new technology additions and expansion opportunities. Our Foundation Builders fund the needs of today.


Only together are we able to achieve our mission of enhancing the quality life in our region. This is why each and every contribution matters. Your support of our mission is critical to the success of the healthcare system. These funds are used for patient financial relief, community grant collaboration, as well as, smaller project requests from departments within Hutch Regional. Your ability to give one time a year or for a special project keeps us helping everyone that walks through our doors.

Together We Achieve More

Along with your support, we are fortunate to be joined by others whose generosity embodies the true spirit of people coming together. To give. To replenish. To strengthen the pulse that keeps us healthy, strong and thriving, bringing and enhancing life to the whole region. Thank you for considering a donation to one of our Giving Pillars.

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