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It’s a New Year and a New You

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Older couple ouside in fall

It’s that time of year again when we start focusing on fat loss, healthy eating, and body transformation. It’s thinking like that, that leads to dangerous behaviors and obsessions. Ditch the inflexible mindset you have and look at what feels good to you.

Let’s face it, you are not going to exercise if you hate it and you aren’t going to stick to a diet you really hate either. Do your best to train hard and be relentless in your pursuit of health but don’t sweat it if you miss a day here and there. Your job is to prioritize your health but you do not have to be perfect—just dedicated. Don’t sacrifice your family time for fitness either as you will never prefer the memory of a gym over giggling around the kitchen table.

Focus on a mindset that helps you establish balance because it will lead to consistency, better workouts, and improved diet. When all of these things fall into place you will feel less stressed, much happier, and more free.