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Woman sleeping in bed with a CPAP machine

Good health requires a good night’s sleep. If you suffer from sleepless nights or awake feeling...

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Person receiving therapy

Patients admitted to the Behavioral Health Unit at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center receive an...

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Person using inhaler

The pulmonary care unit at Hutchinson Regional focuses on caring for patients with complex...

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Medical Equipment with doctor preforming surgery in background

Acutely sick and post-operative patients are cared for in our Medical/Surgical Unit on the fifth...

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Women participating in physical rehab

The outpatient rehabilitative services program at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center includes...

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Female patient getting an ultrasound of the throat from young female doctor

The oncology unit at Hutchinson Regional will help you build strength to fight your battle...

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Older nurse helping elderly women with respiratory device

The respiratory therapy staff at Hutchinson Regional is 100% licensed. We’re expertly trained to...

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young female doctor talking to teen boy on crutches

We encourage parental involvement in every child’s care. Familiar nurturing helps relieve a...

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Young girl being prepaird for an x-ray

We offer patients leading-edge diagnostic imaging using state-of-the-art equipment. Our highly...

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ICU Areal View

Our 25,000 square-foot Intensive Care Unit (ICU) houses the most advanced medical technology,...

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Heart Monitor Clipart

Patients admitted to the Telemetry Unit at Hutchinson Regional are placed on a telemetry monitor...

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Doctor wrapping gauze around patients wounded arm

The Wound & Hyperbaric Center at Hutchinson Regional has a panel of specialized physicians...

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Elderly Women in Physical Therapy

We Help Patients Achieve Maximum Independence