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Same Day Care Staff

Nicole Eitzen - LCMFT, LAC

Nicole is the Department Head of Same Day Access at Horizon’s Mental Health Center. She received her Bachelor’s in Family and Human Services from John Brown University and went on to be a CPST then TCM/WAF at South Central Mental Health Center. During her time working in community services she realized she wanted to learn more about therapeutic interventions and how to utilize those interventions. To assist her with this she attended Friends University where she received her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Currently, Nicole is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and has her temporary addictions counselor license. She enjoys working with teenage girls, individuals,  couples and families through pivotal times in their lives. Nicole is a part of the Leadership Team at Horizon’s Mental Health Center where she collaborates in implementing policies and providing five star customer service.

Alyssa Davidson- LMSW

Alyssa is a graduate of Wichita State University School of Social Work Masters program.  As a student, she focused primarily on the effects of trauma.  Alyssa has prior experience as a crisis responder which allows her to adapt to a variety of situations.  Alyssa has experience working with victims of sexual and domestic violence.  She is happy to be a part of the Horizons family since 2014 and enjoys volunteering with local non-profits.

Tanya Martin Nisly- LMSW

Tanya has worked at HMHC since 2002 as a case manager, therapist, on call screener, and Same Day Access Clinician. She finds it rewarding to interact with people in acute, short term situations. She educates clients about resources, provides the initial clinical assessment and most importantly uses active listening and compassion in situations of high stress for clients.

Alyssa Carter-TLMFT
Alyssa holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Friends University. She has worked with individuals, families, and couples. Alyssa has play therapy and sandtray training, as well as couples communication. Alyssa also utilizes mindfulness and body awareness as needed in the therapy room. Alyssa has worked with anxiety, grief, depression, divorce, parenting issues, premarital issues, spiritual issues, and trauma.

"The best way out is always through." -Robert Frost When we realize we are struggling, the bravest thing we can do is to own it and love ourselves enough to ask for help. Alyssa appreciates the opportunity to hear your story and walk beside you through life's peaks and valleys. Each journey is different, so Alyssa enjoys learning what therapeutic approach works for each client.

Katie Kirmer- LCMFT

Katie attended Friends University where she achieved her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently, Katie is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist. In the past, she has worked with children, adults, couples and families. Katie has previously worked with people struggling with grief, abuse, anxiety, depression, divorce and parenting issues. She enjoys working with people who have experienced trauma. Katie is happy to be a part of the Horizons Mental Health Center team. 

Tyler Pacholski- MS, LMFT

Tyler received his graduate degree and training at Friends University in Wichita, KS, and has served both individuals and families struggling with a wide variety of issues. Tyler has experience working with individuals and families facing anxiety, depression, grief, abuse, interpersonal distress, and adjustments in life. Tyler continues to help and support individuals and families in crisis providing both unconditional respect and compassion, and a safe place for those in distress. Tyler firmly believes that without establishing a non-judgmental and safe place for clients, healing and transformation cannot be fully realized.