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Through the support of donors, Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation (HRMF) funds projects and activities that improve medical care in Reno County. HRMF is a 501c3 and was created more than 40 years ago. The Medical Foundation has continuously worked to ensure a healthy future for Hutchinson Regional Medical Center (HRMC) and the community. Here are some examples of how the Medical Foundation has invested in Reno County.

Capital Improvements

New ICU Addition

                The Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation is contributing $4 million to the new Intensive Care Unit at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center (HRMC). This is the second largest donation ever for the Medical Foundation, behind a $4.775 million gift to Chalmers Cancer Treatment Center for radiation equipment.

“That’s our mission” said HRMF President Jim Gilliland “to receive gifts and memorials from people who have a good association with the hospital and want to give charitably. We accumulate that, invest it, and, when the need arises, offer help.”

Construction of the new ICU facility is set to take place early in 2017. The new ICU facility will be a renovation of the previous ICU facility with an extension added to the north side of HRMC.

According to hospital CEO Ken Johnson, the new ICU will provide the best means to address the sickest patients. Johnson went on to say, “As we look to the next 10 to 20 years down the road, developing this unit will give us the opportunity to take care of our community; to take care of patients in Hutchinson as opposed to sending them to other facilities to receive the same level of care.”

The new ICU will be a circular, 25,000-plus square foot facility. Eighteen rooms will be 300 to 400 square feet, nearly double the size of the previous ICU rooms. Over the bed booms will allow the nurses easier access to patients. The booms will also control any wires, cables, cords, or tubes that could otherwise get in the way.

New EMS Facility in Haven

The Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation made a donation of $100,000 to support a new Emergency Medical Service facility in Haven. This donation is one of the many HRMF donations that help throughout Reno County. The new facility is 4,300 square feet, over three times larger than the previous EMS building. The facility includes 3 apparatus bays, a meeting and training room, a safe room, and many other useful advantages of space that could not be fully pursued due to the small size of the previous EMS building.


The Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation supports motivated Reno County students who are pursuing degrees in a medical field. Numerous scholarships and internships help keep bright and qualified individuals in Reno County.

Memorial Funds

Memorial funds honor those who have lost their lives and support those fighting for theirs. HRMF holds several memorial funds that can help people who qualify. These funds include the Myton Memorial Fund for indigent care and the Iva Thomson Trust Fund, for those fighting cancer.

Support the Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation

The Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation helps to make sure a healthy hospital system is waiting for Reno County residents when they become ill. From the small things, like providing transportation home from the Emergency Department for people who have no ride, to providing funding to make major improvements to the hospital, the Hutch Regional Medical Foundation manages the gifts of individual donors to make the biggest difference to the hospital.

Please consider the Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation for a year-end gift, a donation, or as part of your estate planning. A gift to the Medical Foundation is truly a gift to the community, protecting the hospital as a source of both medical care and jobs.

For more information, or to schedule a meeting, please contact Sue Wray at or  620.665.2419.

The Hutchinson Regional Medical Foundation – Making the hospital and Reno County stronger.

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